Pizza Hut Brings A Surprise with the New Chicken Cheesy Bites


Pizza Hut Malaysia (“Pizza Hut”), Malaysia’s No. 1 pizza chain is bringing back its fan-favourite, the Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza. Only this time, an unexpected explosion of taste awaits, adding even more fun to be had with family and friends!


Tucked away amidst its 18 cheesy bites filled with oozing cheddar are two spicy chilli bites, waiting to surprise an unsuspecting diner! Turning a meal with Chicken Cheesy Bites into a fun-filled dining experience, Pizza Hut outlets will provide extra special propos for customers to play their own “Siapa Kena the Spicy Bites” games with family and friends and create fun, memorable moments to be caught on camera and shared on social media. It doesn’t just stop there, sour explosions in two of the eighteen bites will be saying hi to Malaysians in the coming month for a twist of flavour.

In addition to 18 cheesy bites full of oozing cheddar and mozzarella cheese (and two random spicy chilli bites), the Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza comes layered with delicious tomato salsa sauce, topped with shredded chicken pieces, chicken meatballs, and extra cheese.

Merrill Pereyra, Chief Executive Officer of Restaurants Division of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd says, “After serving customers delicious pizzas for more than 36 years, we’ve learnt that customers are delighted by innovation that go beyond ingredients and add fun to the dining experience. Our new Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza is built on the insight that since childhood, generations of Malaysian children have “pranked” each other as a way of play.”

Photo 1

“We are now recreating this playfulness, by giving customers a chance to kena one another with the Chicken Cheesy Bites’ which is filled with unexpected explosion of taste, letting friends reconnect, bond and of course, get a good laugh. And what better way to do this than to also introduce our brand new pizza with the cast of GOL & GINCU Vol. 2 – a quintessential movie about Malaysian friends!”

GOL & GINCU Vol. 2: Bringing friendship to life

Making a special appearance at the launch was the GOL & GINCU Vol. 2 team, Diana Danielle, Aedy Asharaf, and Jad Hidhir who not only demonstrated how to enjoy the new Chicken Cheesy Bites but pranked each other to kena the chilli bites, embracing the spirit of fun together.

Pizza Hut’s partnership with GOL & GINCU Vol. 2 comes in conjunction with the launch of the new Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza and the movie release on 25 October. The collaboration will include more exciting campaigns and activities to further drum up the fun and serve as a platform for Malaysians to rediscover the simple joy of reconnecting and bonding through playful moments.

One more thing: let’s make sure everyone kena!

To top off this amazing experience, Pizza Hut is making sure that customers not only kena the chilli or sour bites, but also kena amazing prizes. Guaranteed prizes worth a total of RM6 million will be given away to every single Chicken Cheesy Bites customer as part of the “Siapa Kena” contest. This applies to customers who dine-in, takeaway or order delivery.

The prizes include:

  • 35 cash prizes (5 x RM10,000 and 30 x RM1,000)
  • Pizza Hut vouchers (Creamy Carbonara Spaghetti, Deli Wings, Pan Pizzas, Soft Drinks and Garlic Bread)
  • 50 x GOL & GINCU Vol. 2 exclusive merchandise

The new Chicken Cheesy Bites pizza is now available at all Pizza Hut dine-in, delivery and takeaway restaurants nationwide from 1 October until December 2018. To feel the explosion of the chilli bites and join in the “Siapa Kena” contest, visit

Before I sign off, I knew I will see her in person,my dear friend who is an ex-Gentingian Lindy who is the marketing manager for Pizza Hut. I am sure she will bring QSR to greater heights in their campaigns with her as an asset to the company. Thanks to Pizza Hut and Racheal for having me at the event.

Lindy and I. We are both ex-Genting-ians
My buddy Rach Loh

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