‘Seoul’ Damn Good – Powerplant Malaysia Sky Avenue Genting Highlands

I will give you a Golden Buzzer for this amazing write up !

ChingYee Writes


Is it totally excessive if my first food blog post is about Korean Food or Bar? I am neither an expert nor a fan of Korean culture food but it was a nice experience here. You get a little bit of everything.

Powerplant has been on our radar ever since their third outlet opening in Sky Avenue Genting Highlands. The concept of this whole bistro certainly takes on a modern dining experience. Likewise on the food aspect, the bistro offers a one of a kind combination of Western-Korean dishes.

Here are the questions I preoccupy myself with, these days. Anyway, I just had to jot this down before time passes and weathers away the intensity of my current emotion or to another level, addiction. I start to second guess myself and wonder if I really meant it when I thought one fine evening in this place that it’s true, all…

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