Alice In Wonderland 爱丽丝梦游仙境 at Resorts World Genting in March 2017 

Even before the new school year starts we are already talking about the 2017 school holidays plans Resorts World Genting have in store for you kids to look forward to.  

The Magical World of Alice in Wonderland will fascinate Malaysians next March school holidays in 2017 at Resorts World Genting (RWG) when the world’s popular musical is played by a group of talented cast from China, and fantasy brought to you on stage by the Sino-Canadian Cooperative Multimedia Musical.

Cast performing the original theme song Dream Alive at the Press Conference today

This musical is all in Mandarin and it is a one-of-its kind production that uses the application of interactive technology in film projection. Described by many as “audio-visual illusion not found in common stage play,” audiences will be awed by the musical fantasy as they witness the visual feast on the backdrop. 

Incorporation of 3D Multimedia into the show

Vice President of Social Media RWG, Nicco  Joselito Lopez said the show is combination of music, dance and multimedia has stamped their marks in more than 10 countries like Washington, Singapore, Canada, China and Hong Kong.

Although the show is in Mandarin but not to worry because subtitle in English is available on screen to ease the understanding of non Mandarin speaking audience

“It is also the very first musical theatre with the interactive concept in a musical production” said Nicco at the press conference earlier at Wisma Genting today

Nicco Joselito Lopez Tan, VP Social Media RWG & Ms Katherine Chew ( centre)with the cast of Alice in Wonderland

The creative production team comprises of general director Suzannee Goyette, scenarist and lyricist Wang Ling Yun, composer Qi Feng, visual director Tao Kai, and choreographer Yan Wensi.

The three leading ladies in the musical are Xie Xing Yi, Xu Xin, and Zhang Shuhui. Xie who plays Alice in the musical is a graduate of Shanghai Dancing College and Shanghai Theatre Academy. She has appeared in other musicals like Ji Zhi Bai Lang Hui and Li Fai Shi Tao De.

Xie XingYi as Alice.
Xu Xin as the White Rabbit

Xu Xin who appears as the White Rabbit, is a graduate from Shanghai Theatre Academy. She has also appeared in both film and theatre. As for Zhang Shuhui who plays the Red Queen, is from the Shanghai Theatre Academy and Beijing Dance Academy. She is also an accomplished ballerina and opera singer.

Other cast in this musical production are :

Zhang SuHui who played dual role The Duchess公爵 夫人 and Red Queen 红心皇后
Poker Soldier
Perks of my job; I have already taken  picture with the cast even before they are in Msia✌

Tickets to the show are priced at RM268(VIP), RM168(PS1) and RM98 (PS2). FIT Early Bird promotion sees those who purchase tickets before 31st January enjoying 10% discount RM214.40 for VIP, RM151.20 for PS1 and RM88.20 for PS2. Genting Rewards card members enjoy the same 10%  discount.

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or login to RWG official website or click the Like Button on our Resorts World Genting Facebook page for more updates on happenings, promotions 

To friends of the media and influencers-thank you for coming for the event today and supporting me all these while as a PR

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