Discover Feruni Tour @Feruni House of Happiness 

Some said Happiness is a Choice but to the Managing Director aka Happy Man Dato CC Ngei ‘Happiness is  Compulsory’ at Feruni Ceramiche.

On usual days, I am only following the socialpreneur’s updates on Facebook until last week I decided to sign up for the Feruni Tour after listening to great stories of Dato’ CC Ngei from Lai.

And here I am today for the Feruni tour at PJ today 🙂

The house of Feruni Happiness flag standing high at the entrance which looks like Game of Thrones

Upon arrival for the tour, guests are greeted  with the friendly happy officers.

As VIP guests of the day, all of us were given a badge with our name written on it

Hello I’m Irene

This man and his team surely knows how to keep you happy from the start because A hungry man is an Angry Man. Surely we are here for a day’s of fun not anger . So breakfast is served at the Happiness Cafe with sandwiches and free flow of coffee and tea 🙂

This man and his team surely knows how to keep you happy from the start because A hungry man is an Angry Man. Surely we are here for a day’s of fun not anger . So breakfast is served at the Happiness Cafe with sandwiches and free flow of coffee and tea 🙂
My daily brain stimulator for the day.Coffee 🙂

Done with brekkie? It’s show time by the Man of Tiles. Feruni is certainly detailed in ensuring guests happiness and this is how they do it

Yes, that’s me sitting comfortably on a bean bag in the auditorium. It feels like iHall at Dr Teh’s GPF office

Now let’s welcome the one and only Dato CC Ngei Man of Tiles Managing Director of Feruni Ceramiche

Dato CC Ngei charming audiences in his wittiest way of sharing his journey through story telling

Despite being honoured a Dato’ title ,Ngei is one down to earth man where he introduced himself as CC. To ease rememberance, just remember the email in the CC column and CC is my name ‘says the witty Ngei who is dressed just in t shirt, jeans and sneakers

Dato’ CC Ngei welcomed all guests -students coming all the way from Curtin University Sarawak and also working adults from the corporate. The briefing commenced with a sharing on the overview of company from the meaning of the name Feruni , core values CSR programs and also working culture at Feruni. This looks like what I have been doing every Thursday to new recruits. The next briefing I shall intro myself as Teng Teng Teng ( sing my name for me yo)

Meaning of behind the name of Feruni

What comes to mind when we talk about Tiles? Will you ever ever want to work in the tiles industry? No o as the tiles industry is often stereotyped as Boring dull. Coming from a family background who makes a living via tiling. Ngei quit school and has been helping his father since Form 3 . However, the limitation of English language proficiency  did not stop Ngei to advanced himself to becoming the man of tiles today.Ngei upholds a vision to transform the industry. Yes and Ideas Do Change the World

With only one office from its humble beginnings to date Feruni has 8 retail stores across Malaysia

Apart from business, Feruni practices the contributing of 10% of profit to the society through various philanthropic efforts like fund raising to the needy, visits to the homes, sponsorship and other sustainable intra CSR programs like Weight Loss challenge, Happiness Bank , Reward & Redemption. Of the successful projects would be the Nepal Earth Quake Relief Donation- a fund raising campaign on Facebook with the collaboration with PKT Logistics – a company spearheaded by Dato Michael Tio who is also a mentor of Dato CC Ngei. The campaign has sucessfully raised over RM350k in just two weeks. Well done!

I did a campaign for this too but the figure was way too far from your amount Dato-s . But I guess RM100k in 2 weeks wasn’t that bad afterall right?


Dato CC Ngei shares on Feruni’s philanthropic efforts to the community
Nepal Earthquake Donation Facebook Campaign with PKT Logistics
CSR within the Feruni community. Incentives of RM500 for those earning less than RM 3500 to ease the Ferunians burden.
Dato explains on the 4 pillars of Feruni
The 10 core values of Feruni
Ngei surprised the Muslim Ferunians with a Raya surprise visit with goodies

Being a very people oriented company, Ngei surely knows how to pull people’s heart.Clad in Baju Melayu, the happy man surprised the Muslim Ferunians with a sudden visit with Hari Raya goodies in conjunction with festive season..How a staff would not love a boss like you Dato? Honestly, I am already so in love with your company, the personality the moment I heard of you

Positioning Feruni with the concept ‘Affordable Luxury’,a home makeover with tiles is certainly do-able at a very affordable deal which enables customers to enjoy the best of both worlds

It is indeed affordable luxury – home makeover with tiles only at RM1068. Can you believe this ?
Ngei wrapped up his sharing with a quote

and the chapter continues with a guided tour around Feruni. On normal days in part of my job, I take guest around for a tour but today I am a guest to taken around by the Ferunians.

As the saying A picture speaks a thousand words. Therefore I shall these pictures speak for itself of course with captions

The talent talk where talents take centre stage to unleash their hidden talents
Dato’s collection from 4 corners of the world at the showcases
Home Deco Ideas at the showroom
Welcome to the Feruni Talent Centre
The new era of Hiring with America’s got talent ‘I want You’ voting system . Wow! I ‘d like to have this when interviewing candidates in future but I am very sure those Dinosaurs are Not Ready for it XD

Gone were the days where you need to climb the stairs at the Warehouse to get samples. You can now view it here right away
Gym facilities at Feruni. Time to Burn
Library. CC reads 42 books per year and I read two pages in a year
iSpace – Grab a prop and strike a pose
Feruni Tiling Academy

The guided tour concluded at the Tiling Academy and all of us were invited for lunch with very delicious food like this

Scallop fried rice
Spaghetti Carbonara
Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce
Fresh fruits
The lovely Happiness Officer Gina who replied to my long love letter for the tour
Ah finally ! my kodak comment with the charming Man of Tiles Dato CC Ngei
Being a People person I befriended a talent Doris who is here for an interview

In short this whole tour is Awesome! and it preaches the aim of Happiness . Despite being shouted hmm as usual, I am still happy  have truly enjoyed myself very much guys. Thank you to Lai who introduced me to Feruni, Dato CC Ngei and all Ferunians who consistently ensure that the Discover Feruni Tour takes place every week. Kudos to all! Thank you for having me today and in turn I invite you up to the resort for a guided tour by yours truly Irene Chua 🙂

My views on happiness. How to find happiness within yourself ? Be at peace yourself and see the good in people no matter how nasty they are. That’s what I do always and I am Happy ! Remember happiness begins with yourself . Be happy , practice happiness and spread happiness to people around you 🙂

For more information on the Feruni Ceramiche hit up their website

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Follow them on Instagram

Subscribe to Feruni Ceramiche on Youtube


With lots of happiness

This is..




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