5ive Lessons Learned from Power Rangers

Ok, clearly this a post written in view of the Power Rangers Live in Genting 2016 aftermath. Right, I will admit this I am a Fan of Power Rangers too 🙂

As seen on TV during childhood, the Power Rangers series have always been using the same plot where the villain is defeated by the rangers because Right Will Always Win.

All these while, we have always been watching them on TV, internet, etc. Never had we thought it came to real life but Resorts World Genting made this lifetime dream of the people came true where we brought in the Multi ringgit production Power Rangers Live in Genting 2016.

Due to work purposes, yesterday was my very third time watching the Power Rangers again. This time we did it with the 44 underprivileged children from Raub. It has always been a different kind of feeling each time watching the show . The beauty of any show production is it teaches us lessons that are applicable to our daily life and work.

Now here are my thoughts and views on Life Lessons Learned from Power Rangers Live

Even the villain Poisandra agrees that the winning factor of the rangers is because of the team spirit they have amongst themselves. Remember the best achievements ,success always come from the team’s efforts not just that one person. To leaders be it CEO, Managers, Team Lead , appreciate your team because A Leader always Look Good because the minions ( members) make them so.
The Power Rangers On Stage


2.The Unexpected Last Savior

You will never know who is your angel or savior until the very last battle. In Power Rangers Live, when the Dino Charge were fighting the villains ,the Mighty Morphin came to the rescue unexpectedly to save the earth together.


The least expected will always be Your Last Saviour

Sometimes, it is always the least expected people would come to bail us out from trouble. Although, the Dino Charge were not on bad terms with Mighty Morphin but aligning it to my very own principle – Be on good terms with people you know, be humble and and act with your conscience because You Will Never Know who is your angel/ saviour till the very last fight.
Let’s take resignation from a job for instance- You come nicely to a new job . When it’s time to leave, depart with integrity. There is no need to flip the table with your boss and name them your worst lifetime enemy. Instead remain a good relationship.Who knows this ex boss of your’s could be your angel that would help to land you on a million dollar contract business prospect. So guys, be it ever so humble.


The Dino Charge and Mighty Morphin teams up to win the battle
3.Change of Strategies- Confuse Your Enemy

While most of us are not fond of the villains, but I must complement that Poisandra was smart enough to trap Pink by confusing the male rangers by transforming herself into Pink so that the boys would come to the rescue for her no matter what. Just like how this badass villain said ‘There Are Many Things in this world that Just Don’t Work Your Way.

When things don’t work your way, we need to restrategize

I just can’t get enough of Poisandra’s intelligence here in plotting her evil scheme. She could have burn the rangers to ashes from the very start. Instead she picked her battle well by spellbinding a witchcraft that only makes the rangers dance automatically to the music which lead them to feel dizzy and made their power decreased. She showed us that sometimes violence is not required in a fight. Just a dance is enough to pull them down. Brilliant Poisandra !
4. Enjoy the Challenges in Life- It’s About to Get Wild

In the production, Red and his team were faced with numerous challenges after one another from fighting the vivics, Fury and Poisandra. Did the team ever give up? No. Instead, Red finds excitement and joy in fighting every battle and invite the villains to come play along with his signature pick upline
It’s About to Get Wild !

Red Ranger teaches us to not fear challenges. Instead, embrace challenges, fight it and Victory shall be your’s in no time if you braved to it. In short, don’t run away from problems and challenges in life.


Red getting on wild with Fury and the vivics
5. The Power of People

Towards the end of the show, the male rangers were laid to the floor due to the witchcraft of Poisandra that made the rangers danced to the music and fainted . When Pink arrives at scene, she was helpless and clueless seeing her comrades lying on the floor. The only way out at that time was asking the people ( the audiences) to lend her their voices – the repeatedly chants of Power Rangers. With the help of the people, the Dino Charge regained their powers and won the battle in the end. In times of crisis, help is always need and if help is required, Ask and you shall be given. Never underestimate the power of people and appreciate people who helped you through hard times.

For the very one last time before I pen off, here’s your guide to catch the Power Rangers Dino Charge Live in Genting

Resorts World Genting is also offering show package at First World Hotel which will be available from now until 26th June 2016. The package is priced from RM220nett for XYZ Duluxe Room with a pair of Power Rangers Live in Genting 2016 show tickets. Group of family of four can also opt for the XYZ Triple room package that comes with two pairs of tickets ranging from RM360nett.

For more information, please visit www.rwgenting.com or call 03-27181118

I hope you enjoyed my long winded sharing here. For full excitement of rangers fighting the bad guys catch them live before the show ends on 26 June

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