Red2Green Mission : 36km, 10 hours & 35 degrees

A Journey of 232km from Kuantan to Parliament KL begins from a single step. 10 days ago on 17 March, I embarked on the Red2Green  Selamatkan Kuantan journey of 36km from Bandar Maran to Kg Awah without considering or foresee any challenges ahead and so I tagged along with mum aka Auntie Yap together with the organizing team. You shall later on read how I then regretted but felt accomplished at the end of the day;)

As early as 8am, the walk kicked off with a warm up session. This day we injected more fun elements into it we played Tai Chi ☺


Under extreme weather with over 30 degrees, participants embarked on a not so easy trail from Bandar Maran a district in Pahang to Kg Awah( border to Temerloh)


Nevertheless, in any challenges that we faced I must say we are truly blessed with the unconditional support from the community around who offered support from food – lunches and tea breaks , water, ice buckets,  security patrol ( an uncle came all the way from Maran and drove his car slowly to from behind to ensure everyone is safe throughout the journey) and of course I gotta mention the very helpful and supportive team Tommy Lee, Mira and all the abangs and kakak-s who took good care of us.

I wasn’t a fast walker like the rest from the start  Shame on me I can’t even beat Auntie Yap who is 61 years old.


During this journey, I almost called it quits when I found that the day’s trail was 36km long. Guess what I was even mumbling and questioned who the hell on earth build this long winded road ‘ Kenapalah tak sampai sampai lagi ini’. Yes, I was indeed frustrated, showed my muka 10 sen to mum because the hot weather is unbearable & my legs are starting to ache. I was also impatient to reach the destination that I keep looking at my InBody Band for the time that we have spent and was shocked and cried What ! It’s only 1130am in the morning, I thought it was already 3pm😑😑

By noon the aching of legs got worse that I had to stop for medication and was advised to get into the car to rest but sorry their words fell on deaf ears. I know you guys sayang me but sorry.


And the puteri lilin me continued my journey walking. As the time goes by I began to pick up with the pace with the rest of the heroes. Now that’s an achivement💪💪


And look we are another 157km to KL! We will surely make it to the place! Look YB Sim the wakil rakyat came to support too!



So I continued walking and accompanying me were mum & Abang Razali. Though I dont really know Abang Razali but he has been a faithful comrade with us- ensuring me and mum’s safety. While I was so impatient asking like the donkey in Shrek ‘ Are we there yet’? All he did was just telling me, Depan tu. I knew it wasn’t true these comfort words have surely erased my fear of walking

And now like the story of The Hare & The Turtle ‘ slow & steady won the turtle the race’ and I made it to complete 36km in 10 hours under 30 over degrees



Now that’s a ✌ for my achievement for the day! 36km almost to completing half marathon. Not bad for a first timer right?

While I have the choice of spending my work break in other ways, but I chose to join the Red2Green Mission because

1. I am ashamed of myself who did nothing to combat indiscriminate bauxite Mining in Kuantan. Instead I left the senior citizens namely mum, Uncle Yeo and others to walk on my behalf😯😯

2. I am ashamed of my coward myself to join at first as I was afraid of losing my job but not now anymore because I realized that I need a source of income more than a 9-5 job

3. Well, ever since embarking on my Eat Clean Train Dirty regime, I am always looking forward to Workout & Exercise🏃🏃. So I thought walking will be good. Oh yes, I am certainly certified FIT-er than ever ever since the 36km for I can now more push ups burpees and squats. Thank you Red2Green💪

4. To regain Pahang’s name as Pahang Darul Makmur instead of Kuantan Darul Bauksit . Makmur-  a name for peace and everything good.

5. For a cleaner better Kuantan with healthy living condition and free from contiminated water.

6. For a clean future for my children. Yes, I am indeed umarried for now but children of the people around the world and generation to come are my children too and I want a clean environment for myself and children in times to come

Now you may ask yourselves why would anybody who has no benefit out from the cause left their job, business? The truth is they get nothing out of it and do it simply because They Care ! And not to gain fame in the papers or on social media-s. For those who are blinded with the wealth from the bauxite mining, it is time to wake up ! Don’t give up your concious for greed

Today 27 March, the heroes of Red2 Green have reached KL by now. I may not be with them physically but my support is always there. Heroes, thank you again. Medic team , logistics, wakil rakyat-s thank you so much.

The route to democracy and fight for righteous are never easy and never ending. Despite this, I am alway hopeful that we win the battle real soon. Rest well and let the fight resumes.


With my support & warmest regards

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