Red2Green : 17 days walk from Kuantan – KL : Combat of Bauxite Mining in Kuantan

Kuantan aka Mars or Planet Marikh in Bahasa. The town that was once beautiful with seas, green lush trees, etc is now RED

We the Kuantan folks had enough of all these and  can no longer put up red muds taking over our house, shop, business properties, schools, cars and health anymore longer!

Beautiful seas of Balok which has turned from crystal blue water to Red Sea where many fishes are found dead too after a heavy downpour in December last year. The pollution has also caused fishermen to loose their source of income, hotels having very low occupancy for months and hit other industries hard too.

In efforts of to putting a stop to  extensive and irresponsible bauxite mining amongst operators, the industry witnessed an immediate stop of mining effective from January onwards till present – a call from the MP of Kuantan YB Fuziah Salleh. Bravo YB!

And in continuity of our efforts to completely stop the mining and betterment of the younger generation, a journey worth of not just over 200 miles- walk from Kuantan to the parliament in KL, litres of sweat, tears, sacrifices, love n maybe some blood( feet bleeding) namely the Red2Green was initiated. Red2Green, a walk from Kuantan to KL which aims to hand a memorandum to the parliament in efforts to stop bauxite mining in Kuantan.

On 12th March as early as 7am, warriors gathered together for a launch of the cause walking from Kg Kubang Badak , Jeram Beserah to Masjid Lapang Besar Jalan Tun Ismail (Capital Mall) in town. Now, that’s walking on foot to Kampung to the town area.


Wave our flags and here we go Warriors!


Meet Auntie Yap my Mama
who is 60 years old plus tax with the Pahang flag!


Warriors gathered at UTC Building in Kuantan. Ready for Departure guys!


Now meet uncle Yeo who is also 60 years old plus tax this year! Bravo uncle!


Boys walking with and waving of flags!



A participant is 73 on board who walked barefooted on the roads today. Kasi triple like sama Uncle!


Light moment before departure- Mama and my superhero bro Tommy Lee



MP Kuantan YB Fuziah who made time for the walk despite busy schedule. Thank you Kak Gee


Auntie Yap and friends braving the rain today


Life is about learning how to dance in the rain. These guys surely knows to dance in the rain put a smile and keep walking


The finale of the day : First 56km completed in just 8 hours! Well done guys!

Before I pen off here, here are my thoughts of the campaign ;

Many would ask us will this kind of campaign works? What will we get out of it?
The truth is Nothing! I am telling you thia for real
Why would these ppl do this although it is Nothing? Because they believe if we dont stand up for today and try when there is a glimmer of hope to object now than to losing of Everything later and Nothing shall remain by the time it is too late.Even if it doesnt turn out as we expect it to be, I am proud to say at least we tried! And I am very sure by now in these 2 days, their efforts are already creating wake up calls to people around.

You need not tell me if you are with us on this, I jst need you to touch your heart and ask yourself if a polluted environment is what you want for your children? I dont believe in X-men who will have superpowers after mutation. Thou shall not too.

To superheroes of Red2Green , I thank all of you for your courage, love and miles you have walked through for us. May be the Force with us ! Honor to all

With lots of Love & Support 💪❤

Editor & Writer

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