Country Home, “Run” Me Home – Running Man ‘ Edmund Lai’

I would like to dedicate this post to a good friend of mine cum colleague whom has always been inspiring and motivating to myself at all times by the name of Edmund Lai.

Edmund, Risk Management manager by profession, a runner by interest and passion, Edmund is no stranger in marathon running and has completed many challenges in Malaysia, you name it the SCKLM, Penang Bridge Marathon, Dualthon ( Running with biking) and recently the Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Vibram ® 香港100 km Challenge. Congratulations to you, bro !

This is Edmund Lai

A little bit of my friend Edmund, this is how he looks like :

My good friend, the Running Man, Edmund Lai
My good friend, the Running Man, Edmund Lai

Now, how did his journey started? Truth to be told, even the Running Man himself can’t remember exactly since when he developed an interest for Running. Perhaps it may sound like the award winning film ‘ Forrest Gump’. For no particular reason I decided to go for a little run….”, then till today. If my memories were to served him right, then it’s roughly 21 years back ago. Wow!

The Running Journey

To Edmund, Running was not actually something positively inspiring instead it is more like ‘ Running away’ from the pressure of studying during his Form 6. However, sometimes things aren’t exactly how you always imagine it to be, they are even better. In his case, running helped him to overcome the pressure and has also put him on the right path of life since then. Over the years, there’re just too many people around who had gave him the inspiration/motivation that keeps him running, his running coach running coach in University, Mr.Sham, countless passionate running mates and also our Malaysia ultra running legend Mr. Ng Siew Kong, who has always been running with Malaysian flag when crossing race finishing line abroad and gave me the next motivation to go.

The Penang Bridge Marathon

One of the his most unforgettable race ever participated was his very first Penang Bridge Marathon in 1998 and has always been the most talked about moment. Thereafter, he subsided for 14 years before making a come back for his second Penang Bridge Marathon in 2012. To Edmund, this long 14 years journey is considered a tough challenge, sailing up and down in life, working day and night like others. It’s just amazing to overcome all the odds and declare “I am back!”, since then taking the challenges one after another. The recent Hong Kong Vibram 100km was one of them for sure.

2012 : Penang Bridge Full Marathon
2012 : Penang Bridge Full Marathon

Run for a Reason

Another thing that motivates him in running (if possible) is the contribution to the needed society, running for a cause or charity is becoming quite common nowadays.

Having said that, he has contributed to some Kilometres to the recent Tour de Malaysia Run 2013 in aid to raise funds for cancer patients at Hospis Malaysia.

As love knows no boundaries, the Running man also contributed to International charity at a Marathon Run organized by One Foundation founded by international superstar Jet Li back in 2012. Too bad, there were no pictures here.

Now, the ULTRA TRAIL Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Vibram ® 香港100 km Challenge

Many of us would opt for the norm to kick start a brand new year. Well, like a brand new dress or clothes, a new haircut. While, we were all thinking of what to do, Edmund chosen the Extraordinary where he signed himself up for the Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Vibram ® 香港100 km.

Like the saying goes “The Sky is The Limit”, you’ll be surprise how much human being can do if they really push for it’ said Edmund. Therefore, the decision for 100 km was made right although there were many challenges and obstacles ahead the challenge especially the weather and route in HK with the help caring and passionate runners & volunteers.

Fear appears when one face the chalenges and start to have negative thoughts. In the recent Vibram HK 100km, Edmund tripped and fell down at about 38km, seeing bloods from both his hands just enough to scare myself off to continue and complete the 100km. But with the right encouragement from the other runners, assistants from the race volunteers and first aider, all I need was just fine tuning my thinking positively, and decided to continue the race! After all it’s not just the finishing line waiting for me at the end, it was my loved one ( his pretty wife) , and my life ahead. So thinking positively and visualize ahead will help in overcoming any obstacles.

The Moment Crossing the 100Km in the dark

Crossing the beach

Crossing the trail

The Finishing Podium

Final Words from the Running Man himself

There is no one plan/training that can fit for everybody. Listen to your body, or your little voice within. You’ll able to set your own finishing line to be pursued and savoring the journey achieving it. The most important thing is enjoy every step in the run, even when you fall. I particularly like this saying from someone “The finishing line you cross today, will be the new beginning for tomorrow” for sharing….

Thank you for taking time to read my lengthy post. May his story be your inspiration to strive better in life. Remember, positivity leads us far, Fear leads you nowhere. And to the Main character of my story, Edmund. Thank you for giving me this chance to fulfill my 2014 resolution Write to Inspire others. I am very grateful for this.

For more pictures on Edmund’s Running Journey, click here

For more info on the 100km challenge, click here



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